Bamboo Toothbrushes (4 Pack Assorted)


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The perfect family pack! This 4 toothbrush pack has eco-friendly biodegradable brushes with charcoal within the bristles. Our bamboo toothbrushes are a stylish alternative to the typical plastic toothbrushes. We wanted to give you the most natural, eco-friendly option without compromising quality of use. They’ll not only make your teeth cleaner, but the planet cleaner too. Now that’s a reason to smile! 

Bundle Includes: 2 Original Charcoal Infused Brushes, One Yin Charcoal Infused Brush, One Yang Charcoal Infused Brush 

Key Properties: Decomposable, Essential Oils/Fragrance free, 100% Bamboo, 

How to Use: 

  1. Use for no more than 2-3 months (all your toothbrushes should be tossed after a max of 12 weeks but now we don’t need to feel guilty about it)
  2. Disposal: throw them in your compost, trash, backyard. Nature will take care of the rest. 
  3. Use Yin and Yang for your spouse or roommate! We are about sharing to save the environment in all things BUT toothbrushes 

Pair With: Charcoal Toothpaste, Moringa Toothpaste 

Key Ingredients: 100% Organic Bamboo, Charcoal 

  • Why charcoal you ask?! Charcoal has highly absorbent properties, allowing the bristles to absorb toxins and remove stain far better than any normal toothbrush could. -100% biodegradable, Eco-friendly, Charcoal infused bristles, BPA Free, Chemical Free & balance pH levels in your mouth, which aids in the prevention of cavities, growth of bacteria, and bad breath! 

Environment Sustainability: As we are sure you are aware, plastic is forever.  Our Biodegradable Toothbrushes do not just leave your mouth happier, they leave our planet entirely!  Briut Essentials Toothbrushes are BPA-free, eco-friendly,  and 100% biodegradable. Once you are through, toss it out and Mother Earth will take care of the rest.  Take a stand for a healthier mouth and a happier planet!

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Bamboo Toothbrushes (4 Pack Assorted)