At this point in our shared history, most people are aware of two types of markets that showcase products for sale worldwide. The first marketplace exists solely because of consumer desire. Demand created the product. The second marketplace offers unnecessary products, the need for which was itself created by the products.

It may well be that people searching for the best organic toothpaste also wonder why there are so many unhealthy products marketed to humans for their consumption. It is as if the world's governments wish to hide the truth about the poisons they've allowed to hide in plain sight in the products they continuously peddle to the unsuspecting public. 

Thankfully, more people awaken every day. A rapidly-growing body of people can now recognize the importance of proactively providing for themselves instead of depending upon the government for provision or protection. Self-reliance is the essential core of the American spirit. Self-reliant people are not afraid to take responsibility for themselves. In so doing, their brains function more efficiently when they are free of unnecessary and harmful chemical additives. To this end, we would like to point out a few of the many benefits associated with switching to all-natural tooth care products.


Natural Toothpaste


Better for You

It is up to each individual to do their due diligence, aka personal research regarding the agreements they make with others as to how they will live and what products they will consume. 

People interested in a healthier lifestyle know it is better for their overall health and teeth when they switch to using the best natural toothpaste. (Natural moringa toothpaste, including the moringa whitening toothpaste products, is considered among the best available.) A bamboo toothbrush is far more gentle to one's teeth and gums than a plastic brush. Bamboo bristles clean better, too. Use them with activated charcoal toothpaste for an unbeatable combination.

Activated charcoal toothpaste products are likewise sold online and in natural care stores. These toothpaste products are every bit as effective as the commercial products (and in some cases, more effective). Equally as important, they lack the harmful side-effects that might result from using harsh products containing undesirable ingredients. You may ask does charcoal toothpaste work (it does), but you'll never have to ask if it might injure your health.

A topic of great debate within the dental community is whether teeth can heal cavities and "remineralize." Standard toothpaste products contain ingredients such as glycerin. Glycerin is added to some toothpaste as an ingredient to improve its texture. Unfortunately, glycerin has the unwanted effect of coating the teeth (giving them that slick, "just brushed" feeling), denying teeth the opportunity to remineralize.

Fluoride is another ingredient that is routinely added to toothpaste, ostensibly to prevent tooth decay, but with the side-effect of lowering intelligence. The neurotoxin sodium lauryl sulfate is added to toothpaste to make it foam even though it is a known endocrine system disrupter. The best charcoal toothpaste you can find, the best moringa toothpaste available, will not damage one's teeth with unwanted side-effects.


Charcoal Toothpaste


Better for the Environment

Many years ago, cosmetic manufacturers rushed onboard the plastics train, never stopping to look back. There are numerous health concerns associated with using plastic. Primary concerns revolve around storing food in plastic and putting plastic utensils into one's mouth, such as a plastic toothbrush. It is difficult to imagine why anyone would use such products unless they were unaware that better products exist, such as bamboo toothbrushes.

Stop for a moment and consider how much time you spend each day of your life brushing your teeth. Depending upon their habits, most people spend several minutes a day brushing their teeth. Over time, these minutes start to add up to hours, days, and even weeks of exposure to whatever nefarious ingredients lurk with such seeming innocence within their minty-fresh paste.

There are many ways in which all-natural toothpaste is a better choice for the environment than the common toothpaste brands offered by industrial giants. For one, the packaging is friendlier. Plastic packaging ends up taking up space for centuries in a landfill somewhere if it is lucky. It is just as likely to end up on the side of the road. 

People who make their products at home can use reusable glass packaging. Unless it breaks, glass makes a timeless and non-toxic packaging. It may be cleaned and refilled repeatedly for many years. Savvy best natural toothpaste product manufacturers understand their clients' environmental concerns. As a result, they avoid petroleum-based packaging whenever possible. Another is that natural tooth care products are devoid of ingredients that might harm the Earth when discarded. 


Moringa Whitening Toothpaste


 How to Find the Best Products

The best product for one person's needs might not be quite the same as what works best for another. People have different needs and different views. It is often a good idea to experiment with several providers to find the one whose products work best. Most people find that it pays to look at the company's history selling the products that interest you. This way, it is possible to ensure that one's money goes to back the companies that share one's views. Be aware that profit is the bottom line of most manufacturers today, rather than the health and welfare of the Earth and its people. 

Many people prefer natural health care products even when they have to make them personally, which many do. What started as a hobby for many has led to creating many small business enterprises committed to ethically produced and sourced health-care products. One example would be the many who now supply organic toothpaste to an ever-growing base of concerned consumers. 

It is encouraging that natural toothpaste products are available in an ever-widening array of marketplaces. Today, locations as diverse as Briut Products on the web, health food stores, and chain supermarkets have stepped up to fill this niche. There many who care more for safety and sustainability than cost. Whether you are searching for the perfect bamboo toothbrush or a particular brand of charcoal toothpaste, you'll discover numerous outlets to serve you worldwide.