Is Charcoal Toothpaste Safe for Your Teeth?

In the never-ending quest for whiter teeth, covering them in black goop may seem counterintuitive. However, many people believe that toothpastes containing activated charcoal give them the whiter smiles they want—and there are scientific reasons why it works. Keep reading to learn what makes charcoal so special and how to incorporate it into your oral care routine.

How Organic Toothpaste Works

If you’ve ever wondered, “How does charcoal toothpaste work?”, or “Is charcoal toothpaste safe?” we’ve got a few answers for you. The physical act of brushing is what cleans teeth, while the paste reduces or eliminates bacteria that cause gingivitis, bad breath, and other problems. The antibacterial agents in conventional toothpaste include saccharin, fluoride, and sodium lauryl sulfate, among others. While these artificial additives are regarded as safe in small quantities, they can be dangerous in larger doses. Our natural toothpaste contains none of these risky chemicals, so you can use it with confidence.

What Makes Our Toothpaste Natural?

The FDA (Food and Drug Administration) doesn’t regulate the use of the word “natural” on personal care product labels. According to information from the Environmental Working Group, the FDA has not provided a legal definition for the term, leaving it up to manufacturers and consumers. Our toothpaste is natural because it doesn’t contain artificial colors, flavors, or sweeteners. Such additions don’t affect a product’s efficacy, and the ADA (American Dental Association) considers them inactive.

How Charcoal Whitens Teeth

The charcoal used in toothpaste is vastly different from the stuff that’s available in art supply stores, or the briquets you may use to light a barbecue grill. Activated charcoal, which is also known as activated carbon, has unique properties because of how it is made.

During the activation process, the charcoal is subjected to high temperatures, with steam or through a chemical reaction. The process creates low-volume, tiny pores throughout the charcoal, giving it a sizable surface area. This quality allows the charcoal to adsorb other substances, and when it is applied to the teeth, it removes bacteria and plaque. Charcoal toothpastes easily remove surface stains, but they won’t make your teeth any whiter than their natural shade.

Is It Safe?

It is safe to ingest activated charcoal in small amounts. In fact, it’s used in hospitals to treat poisoning cases, as the charcoal can absorb toxins before they get into the bloodstream. Activated charcoal is included on the WHO’s “essential medicines” list, so there’s no need to question its safety and efficacy.

Some experts have raised concerns about the abrasive nature of activated charcoal. Though it effectively removes surface stains from the teeth, there’s a slight risk of enamel erosion when these products are overused. Dentists advise against the overuse of conventional whitening toothpastes for the same reason. While traditional toothpastes rely on the motion of brushing to be effective, charcoal-based products can remove some stains without hard brushing.

Reasons to Try Our Toothpaste

Many are reluctant to make the switch to organic toothpaste because they believe it won’t work as well as the brand they normally use. The best activated charcoal toothpaste is made from 100% natural ingredients that effectively and safely remove stains while whitening the teeth. Here, you’ll learn a few reasons to give Briut a try.

  • It’s gentle and safe. Briut works to clean your mouth and reduce the growth of harmful bacteria, without the harmful artificial colors and sweeteners found in conventional toothpaste.
  • It’s great for kids. One of the biggest issues parents encounter when teaching their kids good oral care habits is the tendency to swallow toothpaste instead of spitting it out. If you’re worried about artificial ingredients, consider using a natural toothpaste like Briut.
  • You’ll have fresher breath. Our toothpaste contains peppermint and coconut oils, which provide many of the same freshening benefits of commercial toothpastes without the need for harmful chemicals.
  • It’ll soothe your gums. If you have gum disease (gingivitis), it may be hard to find a conventional toothpaste that’s gentle and safe enough to use. However, Briut may be the best charcoal toothpaste for you because it contains bentonite clay, organic activated charcoal, and other soothing ingredients that will clean your teeth and protect your gums.
  • It’s better for the environment. At Briut, our commitment to organic, natural ingredients shows our respect for the planet upon which we all live. Though many of us are just starting our sustainability journeys, and we may tend to choose convenience over eco-friendliness, choosing responsibly manufactured products helps us do our part.

Allergies are a big concern for many people, some of whom have problems they’re unaware of. An allergic reaction can cause pain, inflammation, and other issues, but these can easily be prevented by using a natural toothpaste like Briut.


If you’re concerned about the damage that charcoal may do, simply apply the paste to your teeth and let it sit for a few minutes. Rinse thoroughly and brush with regular toothpaste if you’d like. Reduce the risk of damage by doing this once or twice a week.

Consult a dentist and don’t use charcoal if your gums are sore or bleeding. If your gums start to feel sore, stop using the charcoal paste and go back to your conventional toothpaste until they’ve healed. Then, it may be possible to start using charcoal again with your dentist’s approval.

Try Briut Toothpaste Today

Natural toothpaste from Briut will help to preserve oral health in much the same ways conventional toothpaste does. In fact, our toothpaste may even be better for some users because it doesn’t contain unsafe chemicals, unnecessary additives, and other problematic ingredients. Making the switch to an organic toothpaste isn’t a compromise or a sacrifice; it’s a common-sense decision that’s easy to make. After all, you’re not giving up anything but the additives! Browse our selection of natural products online, read our FAQ section, or email us to receive additional information on the best organic toothpaste. We can’t wait to hear from you!