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Today's consumers are more conscious about what kinds of products they use to take care of their bodies, and that's a good thing. Conventional skincare products, including deodorant, are filled with potentially dangerous chemicals.

 The problem is, while few people would question the wisdom of switching to all-natural lotions or moisturizers, many are skeptical about using organic deodorant. That's a shame since conventional, chemical deodorants and antiperspirants contain ingredients that may contribute to a range of serious diseases, from breast cancer to Alzheimer's disease.

 Interested in making the switch but want to know if it's really worth using a natural organic deodorant? Read on to find out about the benefits of detoxing from chemical deodorants and how to ease the transition.

Why Going Organic Is Better

Everyone knows that eating organic food is healthier. What many people don't realize is that the digestive tract isn't the only way toxins can enter the body. They can also be absorbed through the skin and the sweat glands. Here's why it's better to find an organic deodorant that works and stick with it:

Put a Stop to Skin Irritation

Chemical antiperspirants use aluminum salts, propylene glycol, and other non-organic agents to close up pores and prevent sweating. The body continues to produce sweat, though, and it builds up beneath the skin, often causing itchy and uncomfortable bumps. For those dealing with constant rashes and razor burn, switching to a natural organic deodorant may be the perfect solution.

Reduce Exposure to Toxic Chemicals

Some researchers believe that the chemicals found in standard deodorants and antiperspirants create estrogen-like hormonal effects in the body. Products that contain aluminum may contribute to both Alzheimer's disease and breast cancer, and multiple brands of chemical deodorant have been found to contain toxins linked to infertility. The best organic deodorant won't contain any of these potentially damaging toxins.

Unclog Sweat Glands

The body needs to sweat. Nobody likes having sweaty armpits, but the alternative of blocking sweat glands makes it more difficult for the body to flush itself of toxins and regulate temperature properly. Letting those pores breathe by switching to an all natural deodorant without antiperspirant qualities can improve health.

Manage Body Odor Naturally

Sweat isn't what causes body odor. It's the combination of salt, water, and the bacteria on people's skin that generates unpleasant smells, and chemical antiperspirants can disrupt the balance of natural bacteria, making problems with body odor even worse. Switching to a natural deodorant that works by reducing odor without disrupting natural bacterial colonies can make a huge difference. It also means users won't smell as bad if they forget to apply deodorant for a day.

Reduce Perspiration Without Clogging Sweat Glands

Some bacteria naturally help to digest sweat. Chemical antiperspirants disrupt the proliferation of those bacteria, allowing the bad bacteria that cause odor to thrive. They may work well if worn consistently every day, but try forgetting to apply antiperspirant for a day or two. The amount of sweat produced by the body in response will be overwhelming. Natural deodorant doesn't act as an antiperspirant in that it doesn't block the sweat glands, but it does keep healthy bacteria in balance to reduce overall perspiration.

Say Goodbye to Sweat Stains

It's not sweating that causes those gross yellow stains on people's shirts. It's the aluminum found in antiperspirants. When they switch to the best all natural deodorant, consumers can also say goodbye to awkward sweat stains.

It Works Better Than Most People Think

It's common to hear health-conscious friends and family members talk about trying to find the best organic deodorant and giving up after just a day or two. The problem is, it takes a while to get used to natural skincare products. Stick with it for a month instead of just a few days or a week, and it will be clear that an all natural deodorant is just as effective and much less dangerous than a chemical antiperspirant.

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How to Make the Switch Successfully

There's a reason so many people think even the best all natural deodorant won't work for them. The body needs to go through a detox period to get rid of the aluminum salts and propylene glycol found in chemical antiperspirants before even the best natural deodorant will work.

 During this period, the body purges all the chemicals and bad bacteria from the body. It's these toxins that create the supposedly desirable antiperspirant effect by blocking the sweat glands. When released en masse during a detox period, they can create some uniquely unpleasant odors. Here's how to ease the transition:

Develop Realistic Expectations

Only the best natural deodorant manufacturers even mention that switching to natural products requires an unpleasant but necessary detox period. Knowing to expect some extra sweat and body odor for a few weeks allows those ready to make the switch to get prepared.

Expedite the Detox Process

Taking hot baths can help to expedite the antiperspirant detox process by opening up the pores and encouraging sweat. Some people also apply clay masks to their underarms to help draw out impurities. It will still take a few weeks to purge all the toxins, but it can reduce the amount of time it takes to switch to a natural deodorant that works.

Carry Deodorant Wipes or Sticks

Once they've gotten through the detox phase, most people can apply their favorite products once a day like a traditional antiperspirant. During the first month, keeping body odor at bay may require more frequent applications. Carry natural wipes or a deodorant stick and reapply it every few hours at work or at school to reduce body odors.

Buy Products That Treat the Body Right

Looking for an organic deodorant that works? Briut natural deodorants are made with only organic materials, so they're easy on the skin and healthy for anyone. Place an order online and commit to trying one for at least a month. It's worth the hassle of going through an aluminum detox to switch to a healthier, all-natural product.

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